About Us

zenja was built on Ric’s unique vision to offer a venue in the inner west that produced wonderful affordable foods and award winning coffee. To make the vision a reality he sought out like minded professionals to help him realise his dream. Little did Ric realise that the idea of incorporating strong family values and his family ethos into this venture would inspire him and his staff to new levels of creativity and service seldom seen in the inner west.

From the beginning Ric wanted to work with people who placed as much emphasis on a nurturing environment as they did in taking pride in their work. With a family background hailing from Sicily & Calabria, Ric learnt from an early age, the love of food. His family have generations of food and wine manufacturing in their collective souls, dating back to the early 1400’s, with the family vineyard on the side of Monte Camastra in the Messina province of Sicily, and the market garden in Badolato in the Catanzaro Province of Calabria.

Combining the tastes of Italy, Australia and the Indonesian archipelago we are proud to bring to you, our valued customer, a unique experience to stimulate your senses and fulfil your gastronomical desires.